Jason Smothers built CWR from the ground up. When Jason was 13 years old he began working at various construction companies to learn the industry and pay his own way through Trinity High School.

Long hours as a handyman, endless odd jobs waiting tables, and serving as a head chef helped shape the foundation for Jason’s ethic for hard work and a strong will to succeed.

Jason started CWR at age 24 and never looked back. Word of mouth has accounted for his success. He and his crew, including his brother Erik, built a reputation of professionalism and honesty in the Louisville area over the last three decades.

Each of the crew at CWR has been with the company for several years and was chosen to represent the high standards of the company. CWR is meticulous in their work, finishing every detail of every project with a commitment to excellence in workmanship.

Whether it involves remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, adding an addition to a house, building a custom vanity, bookshelf or kitchen island or renovating an entire house, CWR approaches each job with planning, processes, and execution to the highest level. Their testimonials on this site give high praise to CWR’s work.

At CWR Contractors:

  • Details Matter – Nothing is overlooked from the beginning of a project to a final stroke of a paintbrush.
  • Total Oversight -  We begin with a plan and make a final walk through on every project.
  • Not Just Talk - Mediocre work is not an accepted practice at CWR. We’ve built our reputation on high standards. Most of our jobs come from word of mouth so excellent workmanship, dependability and honesty contribute to our formula for success.

At CWR Contractors, good work matters. When we start a job, we do it right, step by step. After talking to a client about their needs, we’ll write a detailed estimate and provide a contract that outlines everything we’ll do to finish the job on time and on budget. No other contractor provides better products or service. Whether you want custom-built furniture, windows, doors, bathrooms or new kitchens, or maybe an addition on to your home, we can help you fully realize that personal vision.

Jason Smothers and Erik Smothers
Jason Smothers and Erik Smothers

Renovation Without Aggravation

Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

  1. Do your research. Ask for referrals from friends and family. Interview various remodelers and their experience.
  2. Look at pictures of their jobs and ask what part they had in that job. Never use anyone with less than three years of work experience.
  3. Set a clear understanding of the schedule so there are no surprises.
  4. Make sure all bids are in writing and scrutinize the contract. Insist on a detailed contract. Look for specifics, scheduling, change-order clause, and cleanup specs.
  5. Ask about their liability and worker’s comp insurance coverage.
  6. Is there a warranty on their work?
  7. Who will be the project manager?
  8. Establish good communication with your remodeler. Compatibility is an asset when you have questions or want to make changes.
  9. Plan. Plan. Plan for all phases and contingencies. How will you handle weather issues? Where will workers park?
  10. Be flexible and expect some wiggle room. There may be unforeseen delays, like weather.
CWR Contracting Crew

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